Directory of Stitches

As I post new stitches to the blog, I will add them here for easy access.

Basic Stitches:
--Single Crochet
     * Single Crochet How-to Video

--Half Double Crochet
     * Half Double Crochet How-to Video

--Double Crochet
     * Double Crochet How-to Video

--Treble Crochet
     * Treble Crochet How-to Video

Intermediate Stitches:
     * Popcorn Stitch

Stitch Combinations:
     * Open Stitch

     * Sailboats

     * Seed Stitch

     * Track Stitch

I'm a huge fan of the Red Heart Super Saver Yarn. It comes in a variety of colors and is great for many projects. Many of the swatches I make for these stitch patterns and combinations are made with Red Heart yarn.

For dog toys, I use nylon thread. This is very durable and holds up remarkably well when dogs chew on the toys.

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