Friday, October 5, 2012

Stitch Combination: Shallow Stitch

This is one stitch that will challenge those that like to crochet by the "rules." For the most part, crochet stitches are worked under the V (as you look at it from the top) and above the horizontal bar (when seen from the side). For the Shallow Stitch stitches are worked *under* that horizontal bar of each stitch.

Here is a look at what this stitch looks like.
This stitch creates very strong horizontal lines as it gathers the three strands from the previous row together. To make this stitch, chain any number of stitches but make your chain loosely to accommodate for the stitches worked in spaces. 
The image above shows the shallow stitch swatch next to a double crochet swatch. Notice that the shallow stitch has much cleaner (in my opinion) horizontal lines. With a bulkier yarn I think this might make for a fun scarf. 

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