Thursday, November 29, 2012

Resourceful crochet materials

I read a post on Facebook a few days ago that mentioned how small local yarn stores thought crocheters were cheap because they didn't want to pay for the expensive yarns to keep them in business for long. That got me to thinking... Am I cheap? Sure, I may loathe the idea of spending a ton of money on yarn, but it's only because I already spend a bunch each year to maintain my stash. Of course this also depends on what I'm making. A sweater that I'd intend to wear demands more than the cheaper, rough acrylic yarns. I'll spend the extra few dollars to get the softer yarns.

All this thinking eventually lead me to looking into the things that people crochet with. I've found patterns from people who crochet with plastic bags (plarn), old clothes or pop can tabs and so much more. I suppose that's one of the wonderful things about crochet. You can use just about anything that can be cut into strips. Maybe this just follows the eco-friendly mindset of so many people, but I would hardly say that crocheters are cheap - just resourceful with their craft.

I have yet to dabble into this side of crochet, but I'm tempted to do so. I've started saving plastic bags a while ago and now they just take up space. Why not put them to good use? The weirdest thing, if you want to call it weird, that I've crocheted with thus far has been wire. After getting used to working with the wire it was actually fun to see what kinds of things I could make. I'm excited to try out these new materials and possibly search for additional things. I wonder what else I have lying around my house that I could crochet with...

What is the craziest material you've crocheted with?

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