Friday, March 1, 2013

A few ideas to celebrate National Crochet Month!

Happy National Crochet Month! How will you be celebrating the month? Here's a few ideas for you.

1. Teach someone how to crochet. The Craft Yarn Council has a variety of resources that can help you teach someone to crochet.

2. Take a class. Classes offer new techniques and specialty methods of crochet. There's more to crochet than the three main stitches. Broomstick lace, filet crochet, Irish lace, and so much more!

3. Make something new. Try a new pattern for something you've never made before.

4. Learn a new technique or new stitch pattern. Crochet is capable to do so much. Learning a new technique or stitch pattern might just be the inspiration you need to start designing your own patterns.

5. Help out a charity. Crochet for a charity like Warm Up America ( or another cause. Many children's hospitals will also accept donations of blankets, caps/hats, and possibly even stuffed toys.

6. Give a crocheted gift. I love seeing people enjoy crocheted gifts! It's an amazing feeling knowing that you've made something for someone. (Not to mention that it gives you a good reason to crochet!)

7. Buy a new crochet book and/or more yarn. Nothing inspires me more than a new skein of yarn. :)

I know that I'll be doing a bunch of these this month. What will you be doing to celebrate?

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