Thursday, March 14, 2013

Need inspiration? Here's one way to find it.

The people in my life have always been an inspiration for my crochet work. I love when someone says, "I wonder if you can make [x]." It then becomes a challenge. I immediately go into thinking, "how could I do that?" or "can it even be done?" Usually, the answer is yes. (Sometimes I get this inspiration by going to various websites, looking at designs for clothing, jewelry and more and wondering how could I do that with crochet?)

The other day, I was playing with some tulle I have hanging around the house. (Some of the results will be posted on March 30th for my date for Crochetville's blog tour for National Crochet Month. If you want to catch up or see the websites and posts from other associate professional and professional members of the Crochet Guild of America, you can do that here. Crochetville's Blog Tour Catch Up.) My husband was wondering if I'd be able to make a bracelet that had some translucent areas in it created by the tulle. The result? A few hours of playing and I came up with this design.


I was pretty pleased with the design overall, then I added tulle. It was a bit tricky to figure out how much tulle to add.


These, I thought, had too much tulle. It wasn't translucent enough for me. So I took some out.


I'm happy with the results. I really like my husband's idea of translucency. I may have to keep trying out new things branching off of this theme.

Does anyone have any "I wonder if you can make..." questions for me?

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