Tuesday, March 26, 2013

New Pattern: Five Petal Flower

As National Crochet Month draws to a close, I am preparing for my scheduled date for the National Crochet Month blog tour organized by Amy and Donna over at Crochetville. Even though my date isn't until the 30th, I thought I'd share a recent pattern with you. This one would be great for an embellishment on a hat, purse, scarf, or anything else. Paton's Metallic yarn makes this flower really impressive.

Five Petal Flower Pattern
This pattern was inspired by the crocodile stitch. It could be worked in one or more colors.

Crochet Hook: G (4.0 mm)
Small amount of worsted weight yarn
(I used a pale yellow for the center and Paton's new Metallic yarn for the purple petals.)

Round 1:  Create an adjustable ring and ch 3 (Counts as a dc). Work 19 more dcs into the center of the ring. (20 total sts)  If using another color for the petals, fasten off and join new color to any stitch.

Round 2: *Ch 2. Work 2 dcs into the next st. Ch 2. Work 2 dcs in the next st. Ch 2, Sl st into the next dc st. (One petal made.) Sl st into the next st. Repeat from * across until 5 petals are made. 

Round 3
Before starting round 3, let's take a look at each petal. We'll be working a variation of the crocodile stitch on each of the petals, but we'll only be working over the two double crochet posts in the center of the petal and the ch-2 space in the center of the petal. 

Ch 1. *Work 5 dcs UP the first inside post. (This will probably require you to turn the flower to ensure you're working UP the post. i.e. If you crochet right handed, you'll turn the flower so the top of the petal you're working on is to your left.) Ch 1.

Work 3 dcs into the ch-2 space between the two inside posts at the top of the petal. Ch 1.

Work 5 dcs down the second inside post of the petal. Ch 1. This completes your first petal. Repeat from * around to complete your 5 petals. At end of round join with sl st to first ch 1 of row. Fasten off and weave in  your ends. 

Don't forget to stop by on March 30th to see my post for National Crochet Month's blog tour! 

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